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also look at 8:80, you can see they're clearing up road work near high street. those should be open really soon. >> we begin with break news this morning, police are on the scene of a deadly accident in redwood city. she is on east bay shore road with more on what investigators
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are saying about what happened. >> well, this is the 1700 block of bay shore road right next to highway 101. let me give you a look at the scene because we had a lot of activity within the last 20 minutes or so. you can see all the way down there folks in reflective vests. that's the coroner that just arrived on scene just minutes ago. a mobile command unit with redwood city also is now here parked on the other end of this area because this is a very big accident scene. one vehicle involved in this. one person is dead. let me show you where the car ended up. it's right around the corner from where we are. it ended up in front of a public storage facility. it's about the length of a football field according to police i talked to this morning. it happened around 2:20. from what they can tell at this point, the driver was coming down bay shore road, hit a fire hydrant for some unknown reason, was ejected from the
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car and then, at that point, the car just continued to spin down the road a fair distance and ended up in front of the public storage unit. police on scene tell me they will be shut down for a couple of hours because they're still putting together the pieces of the accident. we don't know much about the victim except she was thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced dead on the scene. the coroners here, the accident investigators here and we'll keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated here on the morning news. well, newark police are investigating an overnight crash that injured one woman. that happened just before midnight at the intersection of barry and magnolia. her car crashed into two parked cars before smashing into a tree. she was taken to the hospital and we don't know her condition but police say they are investigating the possibility that another car left the scene of the crash. >> it's 9:91. this morning, homicide
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detectives are oakland are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened around 9:00 last night. police found the victim inside a car that was riddled with bullets. the victim was a man in his late 30s and it's not clear what lead up to the gun fire. >> we're awaiting word on whether or not olympic sprinter and accused murderer oscar pistorius will be granted bail. we want to take you live to south africa. this is the scene live outside the courthouse right now and the decision could come at any minute. both the prosecution and the defense wrapped up their arguments earlier this morning. the defense says pistorius is not a flight risk. his attorney says he's too well- known. he can't sneak past air force security. the prosecutor says famous people skipped bail before. now again we're live outside the courthouse. hearties scene earlier inside. stay with us here at ktvu.
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we'll bring you that decision from south africa once it's announced. >> meantime, an oakland family is in mourning after their loved one was targeted on the strip. no arrests have been made. he was shot while driving his car yesterday morning. he then sped away in a black range rover. the confrontation began with an argument in the valley area of the hotel. it then continued on to las vegas boulevard. yesterday we talked with his father who said his son was an aspiring rapper with no criminal record. >> i have to go deal with it. i have to mourn my son's death. >> it smashed into a taxi which burst into flames killing two people inside. cherry leaves behind a son and two daughters. >> this morning we're learning a police hunch lead to the manhunt for christopher dorner. he was fired in 2009 for making false statements against his training officer. she had a feeling he killed a
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couple earlier this month for revenge against the woman's father. a former police captain and one of the people blamed for his dismissal. they soon found something he posted online. the training officer says she still fears for her life and has not yet returned home. >> the nonprofit advocacy group is holding events today across the country in support of the president's gun violence reduction plan. now this day of action is the first national mobilization since the group organizing for action was launched in january. volunteers who helped president obama get elected are now trying to help him get his policies through congress. today's events include rallies, phone banks and candle light vigils. here in the bay area, several events are scheduled today as part of the day of action. at 11:00 this morning, a press conference is scheduled in front of bash bra lee's office in oakland to voice support for president obama's gun violence
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reduction plan. at 5:00 this evening there will be a vigil to end gun violence. and then at 6:00, a candle light vigil. meantime, ktvu news went undercover to investigate the big money assault weapon business in reno. that story coming up at 4:45. >> time is 4:34, they have taken over a campus administration building. campus police allowed protestors to stay overnight as long as the gathering was peaceful. students say they are angry about proposed cuts and a meeting that didn't happen with the interim chancellor. students were told the chancellor was out of town. >> all we want is the chancellor to stand with us as our chancellor, to speak for us as students. >> all of this comes as city college fights to keep it's accreditation and avoid closure. the school has until march 15th
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to submit a plan. >> the chilly finger lady is due back in court today accused of cooking up a new story. she was sent in a scheme to extort money from a fast food chain back in 2005. she is accused of lying to protect her son who had a wounded ankle. they made up an elaborate story about two men shooting him and later uncovered evidence he shot himself. he has a previous burglary conviction and is not allowed to own a gun. >> the investigation into what caused a plane to collapse in the san francisco bay continues this morning. that large crane was working to remove temporary support structures on the new eastern span of the bay bridge when it toppled over trying to remove a 150,000-pound steel beam. it punctured a hole in the barge. luckily no oil spilled out. >> we heard a very loud crash which sounded like metal
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falling. one of the cranes went over and one did not. the crane on the barge toppled over. the massive metal coming down was tremendous. >> four workers were at the base of the new bridge tower at the time. no one was seriously hurt. it's not expected to delay the planned opening for the bridge on labor day weekend. >> keeping an eye on that and our traffic on this beautiful friday morning. >> well, good morning brian and pam. it's a great day out there on the roads. right now we're looking good. as we can see traffic on 80 westbound is moving along very nicely driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems. this is a look at the bay bridge. the traffic there looks good. a little bit of road work there. it's not causing major delays. this is northbound 280 at san jose getting up to highway 17. this traffic is off to a good start. it's 4:37 let's go to steve. >> skies are mostly clear, high
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pressure is building in and it looks like a very quite pattern. i had a little cloud cover and a few light snow showers. slightly warmer today over mostly sunny skies. system will move into the north on saturday with a little cool down. i don't think it would do much here. there could be very light rain but i'm not too sold on this system and after that everything is sunshine and warmer weather into next weekful a few high clouds drift in here but overall 30s and 40s on the temperatures. it's cool -- cold out there for some inland. no doubt but sunny and mild weather. here's patchy low clouds. breezy, everything coming out of the north or northwest. upper 50s, low 60s, almost a few now pushing mid 60s but except for saturday. after that, sunshine and warmer temperatures will take us into sunday and most of next week. >> thank you, steve, 4:38 is the time. breaking news, we want to take you back to south africa this morning. we want to listen for a moment. >> i would like to turn your
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attention to the order i made at the outset of the reading. you will recall that i received a request to televise the proceedings. i would like to add to the reasons already submitted that schedule e of the regulations of officers of the lower courts, 1994 as amended by regulation four of government notice r 50, 39969 of 26, january 2012. reads as follows. a magistrate may only permit the proceedings in his or her court to be televised broadcast. >> right now we're inside the courthouse in south africa. we do not have pictures. we just have the audio, oscar pistorius accused of murder and we're waiting to hear from the judge as to whether or not he will be released on bail during this trial. so the court magistrate reading some of the rules and
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regulations about why he allowed cameras and audio in the courtroom. but let's listen in just for a moment. we're hoping to get that announcement here as to whether or not he'll be out on bail. >> witnesses and court personnel involved in the proceedings and to administration of justice. and c, if he or she is satisfied that it is in the public interest to do so. that is the legislation that guide ace magistrate who has -- who is faced with a request to televise, broadcast, or tape proceedings. i am also guided by the words of the majority of the judges in the constitutional court matter of the broadcasting corporation verses -- >> you're listening to audio of
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oscar pistorius. we're only allowed to get audio feed right now. the judge couldn't allowed to to be in there. oscar pistorius will be released on bail. we'll keep a track on that this morning as well. >> yes, we will. 40:00 is the time right now. the midwest cleaning up this morning after crippling snowstorms. we're going to show you a close encounter in missouri and why the storm has proven to be dangerous on the roads. >> plus the fight to curb gun violence in san francisco. how it could impact gun sales in the future. >> good morning westbound highway 4. looks good as you driver over and we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather
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skies are mostly clear. it's cold and cool.
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30s, 50s, sunshine today, highs in 90s now. low 60s to mid 60s. >> a major snowstorm is working it's way toward the northeast this morning after leaving much of the midwest in havoc. it dumped as much as 1 inches of snow in some places. in missouri some people have humidity to get out and push their vehicles. it interrupted school and legislative sessions. they're urging people to stay in doors. not only cars had trouble getting around. take a look at this video from kansas city. they captured a bus fishtailing out of control and crashing straight into a bus pole. the city had to shut down service. there's no word of any injuries from that accident. >> conditions are also terrible at the airport in wichita kansas where an airplane got stuck on a run way. airport officials say the pilot made a wrong turn on to an unproud run way. the 66 people on board had to wait 2 hours for a tow to the
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terminal. the storm is causing trouble in air travel elsewhere as well. according to the flight tracking website flight aware, 900 flights are canceled for today nationwide. >> the man accused of killing a teenage girl pleaded not guilty to murder charges. now, this is a picture we want to show you of 32 year old anthony lamar jones from an earlier court appearance. he is accused of sexually assaulting and killing the 13 year old allen and leaving her body at a fairfield park. jones is eligible for the death penalty if he is convicted. he is due back in court next week. >> family and friends said their final good-byes yesterday. the 13 year old was laid to rest during an emotional ceremony. she attended green valley middle school in fairfield and the school plans to hold a fund- raising dinner for her family tomorrow. >> time is 4:46. the man that has been in prison for a shooting in west oakland nearly 7 years ago could be released today. attorney versus argued he was
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the victim of police work and lying witnesses have who have since taken back their stories. now they agree his conviction should be overturned and they're asking the court to free him. the judge could decide to do that at today's hearing. >> california has some of the toughest gun laws in the country including a ban on assault weapons but there's a growing number of illegal weapons coming into the state. many of them are from nevada where they are -- there are very few restrictions on firearms. ktvu news went under cover at a gun show in reno and we spoke to one man that wrongly claimed we could walk away with a semi automatic weapon for $1,800 in cash. >> if he did buy it, how would it work for him to be able to visit -- >> with cereal number and all of that. >> is there a background check or anything like that. >> no. >> so you had the cash you can just take it and go. >> you take it and go. >> now people in california who buy a gun in nevada must have
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their purchase shift from a federally licensed dealer in this state to one in the state, to one in california. of course that's only for guns that are legal in california. a committee of the board of super advisesors approved two bills aimed at curving gun violence. it banned hollow point bullets that can inflict more damage than regular ones. the second one requires gun dealers to notify police if someone buys more than 500 rounds of ammunition at one time. the bills go to the board next month. >> president obama has been working the phones reaching out to talk about the automatic spending cuts set to kick in march 1st. he spoke with house speaker john boehner and the senate majority leader. both parties are in a steal mate about how to avoid the across the board spending cuts. the president had good conversation with both men but wouldn't give any details. >> a group of 15 republicans
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senators pressuring the president to with draw his nominee for press secretary. he is expected to be confirmed next week but in a letter to president obama rebuses the vote will be unprecedented because of a unanimous gop opposition against him. bob dole is urging several republicans to vote for him calling him an intentional leader. >> goggle is adding a touch screen to its line of chrome books. it work with the touch of a finger that is a key feature on microsofts windows 8 operating system. a laptop with wifi and 32 gigabyte sells for $1,300. >> geniuses working over from at goggle. >> fun stuff. >> you're also a genius when it comes to traffic. >> thank you very much. >> show us some genius. >> the checks in the mail
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brian. >> you're welcome. >> there's not a lot going on. this is a look at the east shore freeway. you drive out to the mayes and traffic continues to look good. morning commute is moving well. westbound bay bridge up to the toll plaza. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 traffic off to a good start getting top highway 17. >> on this friday morning, clear skies, could be a little bit of patchy fog but all the reporting stations san jose, oakland, san francisco, stay clear but a couple of high clouds and high pressure is moving in. a weak system coming by on saturday. i don't think it's going to do much. today will be slightly warmer and sunny. the system could bring light rain north but i don't think it's going to do much here. mostly sunny, partly cloudy on saturday and everything is sunny and warmer weather for all of next week unless there's a fly in the ointment. a few high clouds coming down but if i'm not concerned, i don't think you should be either. 30s on the temperatures or 40s.
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napa at 33. 36 nevada, 36 san jose. half moon bay at 40. we lost a little breeze we had yesterday but everything once we get cranked up, sunny and mild to were wear weather. high pressure, hanging in here. sunny and breezy, a little out of the northwest. that could still be on the chilly side. patchy and low clouds although i can't find any yet. they sometimes pop up between 6 and 8. it's been a slow recovery. these are getting close to average this time of year. 60 to 66 covers it. if you're heading to the chinese new years parade tomorrow, at least it will be dry it looks to me and cool and breezy. upper 40s, low 50s. mid 50s to start and it cools down fast. a little cooler on saturday but then sunny side up and mild to warmer as we go into next week. >> warmer. >> i like that. >> thousands of social security numbers could be at risk. the personal files stolen from
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a walnut creek car dealership. customers want to know how it happened and why they weren't notified sooner. >> plus an unusual welcome for an oscar nominated film maker. while they were held for several hours at a los angeles international airport t whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.
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4:53 is the time.
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our break news this morning. we're listening into the courtroom in south africa. the judge -- the magistrate there is still talking about the rules and regulations this morning. we're waiting to hear from the judge on whether or not he is going to grant oscar pistorius bail during the trial of his -- where he is accused of murdering his girlfriend. now, again, no video cameras, no live video feed allowed from the courtroom. there's news photographers in there and we do have a live audio feed. we are monitoring this in our news room. as soon as we get word on whether or not he will be granted bail, we'll bring that to you. >> we'll bring that to you very soon hopefully. meanwhile, an oscar nominated film maker got an unusual welcome at lax. his film five broken cameras is competing for best documentary and he was threatened with deportation before being allowed into the u.s. he and his family were held for
4:57 am
several hours before being released. his film is about five years of protests about lands being seized on the west bank. >> personal information could be at risk after thieves broke into the mercedes dealership at walnut creek. they stole thousands of personal files. they broke through two locked doors and a locked file cabinet. a phone message was sent to customers but some say the warning didn't come soon enough. >> it took them 13 days to notify us and that's too long. usually when someone steals personal information or a credit card or something they'll use it within hours. >> the company says they'll help affected customer with a free credit monitoring service, consultation with fraud experts and the placement of an initial fraud alert on credit files. >> time is 9:55. we want to get you out the
4:58 am
door, after watching the morning news, of course. >> stay with us all morning. >> we're looking good and if you want to stay a few more minutes, i think you can because the traffic is light right now as we go to some of these pictures. 101 san francisco looks good up to the 80 split. a nice looking drive and like wise for the dunbar bridge as you drive through. the traffic on 101 looks good. 4:56. let's go steve. >> mostly clear skies : it looks like a very dry pattern this morning. partly cloudy skies, 30s and 40s, lost a lot of the please but overall today looks sun any side up and upper 50s, low 60s and temperatures are creeping up. patchy low clouds. that's calming down, up 50s, low 60s.
4:59 am
a little cooler saturday. some mild rain. snow north and east of us and then sunny sunday, monday, tuesday looks quite. >> very nice for our chinese new year parade. good. coming up next its party time at the lake this morning. our celebration of something that hasn't happened in 10 days. >> also breaking news and deadly accident on the peninsula. where the investigation is far from over

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